DynaHog® Screens

CW Mill Equipment specializes in High Performance Screens for All Brands of grinders with fast production that is able to move from concept to finished screens very quickly.

CW’s DynaHog® brand screens are designed and built to optimize swing hammer-style processing whether that is Agricultural Forage, Pellet Mill Preparation, Forestry, or one of the many other swing hammer applications.

Along with fast deliveries & top quality, the buyer’s specific preferences are always of top concern, and individual needs are met & documented with CW’s individual customer part database for accuracy and efficiency.

Wear Resistant Material Types, Material Thickness, Hole Size, Hole Shape, Hole Cut-Finishes, Web Thickness, Frame Variations, and Machine Fit are among the variables customized by the buyer with the help of CW Mill Equipment.

CW Mill’s grinding industry experience and design capability produce the best quality screens through the utilization of CW’s extensive line of specialized production equipment geared to meet & exceed the grinding industry’s screen production needs including offering the option of very economical straight-and-true hole screens for round holes machined under 2” diameter.

To determine your screen dimensions, take a look at our Screen Worksheet.

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DynaHog® Screens are your best choice with
customized attention to your needs.

  • Designed with attention to detail.
  • Engineered with experience.
  • Constructed of the longest life materials.
  • Manufactured by skilled craftsmen.
  • Processed by one of CW’s computerized precision cutting machines.
  • Formed with digital & laser guidance.
  • Inspected for quality.
  • Shipped fast from our well located factory.
  • Delivered to you quickly as the best performing most economical solution.
  • Specializing in swing hammer grinding applications.

DynaHog® provides custom made hammer mill screens and grates for All Brands, All Configurations, and All Models of grinders.

We can discuss your application, provide options, and work with you to make sure that your custom screen requirements become our standard for you  with personal attention to detail.

DynaHog® 2014 Screen Worksheet

Know & Understand your Application & Mill Configuration.
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Contact Information:

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Sabetha, KS  66534
 (Within the US)
785-284-3454 (Outside the US)

Some images may be enhanced to show detail such as color shading that may not be present on standard part offering. Specifications subject to change without notice. Product(s) offered for sale may vary in design.

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