Grinder Hammer & Tip Introduction

CW Mill Equipment’s DynaHog® brand provides High Performance swing hammers for all brands of grinders, and DynaHog® Hammers can be designed and built to optimize Agricultural Forage, Pellet Mill Preparation, Forestry, or any of the many other swing hammer applications.

Along with fast deliveries & top quality, the buyer’s specific preferences are always of great concern, and that concern is magnified when the buyer’s preferences are found to be individually unique & special.

Cutting Edge Material Types, Wear Resistant Patterns, Parent Metal Types, Material Thickness, Rod Hole Size, Rod Hole Finishes, Machine Fit, and Geometric Profiles are among the variables customized by the buyer with the help of CW Mill Equipment.

CW Mill’s grinding industry experience and design capability produce the best quality hammers through the utilization of CW’s extensive line of specialized production equipment geared to meet & exceed the grinding industry’s hammer production needs including offering a choice of machine drilled or precision cut rod holes for most hammers.

Broad-base wider rod engagement hammers are also offered as an option for many machines to reduce hammer to rod wear as well as create a straighter running swing hammer.

Providing optimum & economical cut performance, CW’s NitroGrit™ carbide is available for application onto most hammers along with other cutting edge choices to meet specific customer needs.

To view the numerous DynaHog® hammer variations please see our Printable Swing Hammer Worksheet, or click here to view individual Swing Hammer Weld Patterns.

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    • DynaHog® is your best choice for replacement
      grinder swing hammers.
    • DynaHog® uses the best possible parent metal
      in all of its hammers.
    • DynaHog® has its own unique blend of carbide called NitroGrit™, which is a proprietary blend of
      carbide found to best suit grinding applications.
    • DynaHog® specializes in swing hammer grinding applications.
    • DynaHog® hammers with NitroGrit™ carbide matrix provide the best performance and the longest life for your money.
    • DynaHog’s® NitroGrit™ can be applied in any custom pattern that our customer’s request, and NitroGrit™ is available in a variety of grit levels.

DynaHog® 2014 Swing Hammer Worksheet
Click here to view individual Swing Hammer Weld Patterns.

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785-284-3454 (Outside the US)
Email: sales@dynahog.com

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